What 2020 has Taught Me

I think anyone reading this would agree that this year has been one hell of a ride. In business, our work roles and within our personal lives. This year certainly came in to shake us and wake us up to many things. From the fact that Mother Earth needed a break, so nature could restore some sense of peace, that we as humans needed to stop loosing ourselves in the distractions of life and even as business owners that we needed to remember our why’s and get back to doing business because we are passionate about it, not because it has the highest profit margin.

As we move, what feels rapidly, towards the end of 2020 I have sat and reflected on what this journey has been to me, what it has really shown me and I thought I would write this blog to share.

So here you are, my 10 things 2020 has taught me:

  1. How resilient I am. Having lost premises, a new business goal and a team around me as we entered the first lockdown. I felt thrown into a time of needing to rely on myself and to get through the shift, the letting go and quickly find a new way forward.
  2. How to pivot! I just could not loose the business I had but more than that the business, the work that I loved so I quickly learnt to pivot!
  3. To use, truly use, every law of attraction tool in my tool kit! When we are drowning in fear and negativity we can forget what we know, we can loose touch with knowing what to do, distracted by feat and urgency. We forget how powerful we are.
  4. That mindset is everything!
  5. That hope is what drives us. ‘Holding Onto Positive Expectation’. I have really seen through my work that hope is key to surviving our darkest days and darkest nights. I have unfortunately worked with a number of families who lost loved ones through suicide. All young males aged mid twenties to late thirties, who could just not take the solitude and the feeling over being powerless anymore. Male suicide is still something we barely talk about. If you want to find out more you can do so here.
  6. To give from the heart. When we went into lockdown I was watching people, clients, family and friends disintegrate in front of my eyes. It is hard to watch and I felt helpless. So I decided that the only way I could reach people was through my LIVE weekly insights and guidance which I host on Sundays herein my Facebook group.  I felt it was the only way I could give, give a little bit of hope, a distraction from what is negative and a boost in positivity with no expectation, just hoping it was enough for some people watching in their darkest hours.
  7. Who my tribe is. I have always had a small circle as it is called, in fact it gets smaller every year. This year was no different. As friends and even family members disappeared and disconnected. I found new connections, yes online, but new connections who shared a mindset, the mindset of being determined to remain positive and come out of this year having grown for it. My tribe has become a positive crowd. Your tribe is SOOO important. They should lift you up.
  8. That it is okay not to be okay! That there are times to work hard, times to give and give and then there times to retreat and rest. That even the Healer needs space and time to heal.
  9. I have been reminded that life is about the journey, not the goal, not six figures or the millionaire lifestyle we are all lead to believe we must achieve. It is about the journey we have taken to build our success. OUR success. OUR version of success. Are we learning, are we growing, are we giving or we just taking from this world?
  10. Laughter is perhaps the second most powerful energy in this world. Next to love of course. When you can laugh at yourself, laugh at the situations you find yourself in, laugh at the crazy you are having to walk through. Then you can bounce back and you can inspire others to live, love and laugh once more.

Oh and on that note, I am going to sneak in an eleventh lesson. I know happiness doesn’t make you happy, to only adds to how to you feel but I would rather be miserable in a porsche than on a pushbike. Ha ha!!



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