Transcend Your Business

I connect heart centred entrepreneurs with their purpose, their vision, their passion and their abundance!


Are you a heart centred entrepreneur?

Need help to shine brighter in this world. Then you will love my 3 month business coaching programme, whether you are established in your work or just starting out.

I have worked as a Therapist, Healer, Psychic and Trainer for over 19 years and my mission is to help you do what you were put here to do and to do it well.

This programme is perfect for the heart centred entrepreneur who needs help with their vision, attracting their soulmate clients and aligning to that vision, their purpose and the abundance that is destined for them.

Your investment: £900
Payment plans available.

OPTION TWO - Need My Eyes on Your Business?

Need help to shift the block in your business?

Feel you have disconnected with the work you do?

Need to see a new way forward?

Let’s meet, online,  and get you and your business moving forward again.

In this session I use the tarot to bring insight into the situations you are in and how to step forward.

I then blend a variety of coaching aspects and mindset work  to help you develop a plan.

Each session is 60 minutes long and hosted online via Zoom.

Your investment  £ 75.00

OPTION THREE – Your Money is in Your Mindset Programme

Are you experiencing blocks in your money stream?

Never seem to have enough money.

Scraping through every month?

Tired of feeling drained?

Become financially fierce, happy, feel the love, and enjoy the journey.

This is my  ONLINE ONE TO ONE COACHING PROGRAMME  to help you shift that block and move your mindset.

Your investment just £200!
You can even pay in 2 instalments!!!

How do we get unstuck?

  • Uncovering our why.
  • Not accepting the opinions of others.
  • Self love.
  • Telling a new story.
  • Unlimiting our mind.
  • Creating with the Universe.
  • Kicking ass!