This is Me.

I spent so many years of my life feeling lost, unfulfilled, restless and no sense of who I am and what I am capable of. I was disempowered and disconnected from everything in my life. Constantly in a cycle of boom or bust, highs or lows and always feeling alone in this world.
In each chapter, each cycle of life I muddled through, moulding myself to be who I thought I needed to be. Hoping it would work. Hoping I would feel more successful, and happy in life. I got used to just getting by.
When getting by no longer was enough, events happened to catapult me into a journey of awakening, soul searching, healing, and re-discovering who I am at a soul level. A process of massive personal and spiritual transformation began. Through all of this I learnt the keys to life. The first key to life is that you absolutely must embrace, accept, and enjoy being YOU, the real you, not the person you have become so far on your journey. The second key was that you have to listen, not to the voices of others, but to yourself, your soul if you want to be heard in this world. The third key is that if you want to create success, true success, you have to learn to align. To align your thoughts, your words, your emotions, your vision, even your identity with universal energies to get there.
My purpose is to inspire you, wake you, shift you and help you to walk your own path to successfully become you in your personal life AND your business life.
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