The Path of Purpose


The last few months have been an interesting journey, one when the Coach has needed Coaching. Why? Because I can feel a shift, a change coming in. One that requires as always for me to step up to a new level and to also let go. Let go of what is familiar, what is comfortable and lean into the faith I have that there is method in the madness, always.

I spent years of my life feeling lost, unfulfilled, restless & no sense of who I am & what I am capable of. I was disempowered & disconnected from everything in my life. Constantly in a cycle of boom or bust, highs or lows & always feeling alone in this world.

In each chapter, each cycle of life I muddled through, moulding myself to be who I thought I needed to be. Hoping it would work. Hoping I would feel more successful, & happy in life. I got used to just getting by.

When getting by no longer was enough, events happened to catapult me into a journey of awakening, soul searching, healing, & re-discovering who I am at a soul level. A process of massive personal & spiritual transformation began. Through all of this I learnt the keys to life. I embraced spiritual living and stop trying to hide, to deny who I am or perhaps the right term is what I am.

The last year has been an journey of letting go, letting go of business premise, a team and a vision. Opening up to new ways forward and igniting old ones that were more powerful and needed now than ever before. I am sure I am not alone in this.

Over recent months I have found myself in a void. A gap. A pocket of silence as guides changed, paths changed and so the vision did too. However, this vision, this new vision was not clear and even now I am not able to fully see the path that lies ahead for me. Did you hear that? That was me gulping with that feeling of here we go, spirit are about to do a ‘big ask’ of me and they know it, so as always they play it down!! Yes folks, this is why I say I was tricked into all of this!

My work has shifted this year from readings, coaching and healing to teaching. Teaching spiritual concepts, helping people to find themselves in their darkest hours. Just as I had to when this path began, twenty years ago.

With spirit making me fully aware that ‘the mission’ has changed, I am drip fed snippets of which path to walk when I am healing or in meditation. My role is shifting and changing as is the role of so many lightworkers.

I find myself now knowing that I am here to teach, not just train healers, but in fact to teach people to choose happiness, to choose a path of purpose, for even psychologists recognise that if we do not have a sense of purpose in our lives, then we cannot truly feel happy and fulfilled in life. I am to coach/teach others how to make that choice, how to choose happiness. To re-connect with who they are and who they came here to be. What they came here to do.

That my healing work is shifting and now all those years sat in trance, in transfiguration and physical spirit work are to come together for me to let go 100% of the body again and work as a Trance Healer. Do you feel me shiver s I write this? I shiver because I know that it is time to level up, to reveal another layer to the world of what I am capable of, to sit once more on the chair of vulnerability, exposing my human self to hate and ridicule, but you know what, the last year has given me strength. The strength to stand in what I know. To work my magic as I call it.

Are you feeling your calling reaching out to you? I would love to know.

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