The Light of the Mooon

So, we have the full moon and all it’s beautiful energy now kicking in. A Full Moon occurs in the sign of Leo, and the Sun aligns with Jupiter. This Full Moon is all about the promise of completing, fulfilling what we set out to achieve at the last New Moon. Cycles end, projects finish and situations are dealt with. The end of a chapter with the promise of a new one beginning, with a new sense of what matters in our hearts.

This can also be an emotional time. A transit that has the whisperings of romance but also has us looking at our relationships, whether in our personal loves or our business and work lives.

The Full Moon where there is conflict in our world when it comes to working or living with others. Many will find the need to be more optimistic and find the courage to pursue what is in our hearts, our souls, but we will need to do this with our feet firmly on the ground and with a realistic mindset.

This is a time of discovery and a time for our sense of joy, faith, and optimism to be fired back up. We have increased energy and our confidence level improves to reflect this out into the world. We are feeling generous, optimistic, and sociable.

This is a time to take power and take the necessary steps to create something that is truly important to us and if it can help others, if it can make a difference in the world. Then even better!

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