That Creative Flow


Taylor Swift recently shocked the music industry and her fans by releasing a second album in 2020. Two albums in on year is just not the ‘done thing’, She is reported to have said that when she was writing songs for the first album of 2020, Folklore, they just kept coming and she didn’t want to file them away, never to be heard again. She talks about how she lost herself in the music and the stories each song was telling.

Was she channelling? She was certainly in her creative flow, a beautiful place any of us can achieve with a little meditation and letting go. It is a great place to be!

But here is another thing you might not know, Taylor Swift has used psychics, in fact her first experience is reported to be at the age of 12 with a palm reader at one of her fathers parties.

Clearly someone in touch with more than just the physical world, who has, like many of my music industry and business clients, discovered that connecting with the universe, often helps us to connect the dots to success that little bit easier.

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