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Our primary goal is developing a secure and customizable theme framework that meets the needs of the end user. Therefore, our customers are able to create websites using our templates as easy as 1-2-3! This process requires minimum knowledge of WordPress and coding, and extended documentation and our Support Team is always at your service. However, we ask you to keep in mind that sometimes issues occur not because of templates malfunction. There might be situations when it doesn’t depend on us and the framework. For example, server settings, some extra functional that requires deep file customization, or additional plugins usage. And of course, an attempt to build a website in a very short time.

We know our theme framework perfectly and have a highly-professional team of developers. They will help you to develop the website you need. If you need website customization, contact our support system for further information:


Installation +Logo Change

From $2000
  • Template will be installed to your server to look like in our online demo. Access to Admin panel will be granted to you to manage your website.
  • We will replace the template’s logo with yours on each page of the template. Customers should provide logos in good quality in .PSD, .EPS, .PNG, .JPG format. Logo width should be 300px and 600px.
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WP Plugin Installation

from $600
  • Security plugin
  • Seo plugin
  • Cache plugin. It will help to optimize the speed of your wesbite
  • Plugin for easy backup
  • Installation service is not included in this pack
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Ready to Use Website

From $300
  • Theme installation on you server with your logo
  • Google map with your address set
  • Replacing of content and images up to 6 pages (without layout change).
  • Removing of some elements that you do not need on your website.
  • Social icons set (without changes theme layout)
  • Replacement of color scheme
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In Person Healing Sessions Available

I shift my clients blocks and give them the clarity, strength and peace of mind to step forward in life once more.

The body has it's own memory, it holds on to the physical impact of past and present experiences and this locks in past emotion. In my role as a healer, my specialty is that I work energetically to shift that emotion, the energy of the past, the impact it has had on the body, mind and soul, so that you can release and let go of not only the past experience and emotion that is now trapped, leaving you stuck in this life but also the past life links, attachments and karmic energy whether your own in this life or your families.

I remind the body and mind that it has the power to heal itself. All of which can powerfully block our path of creation and positive living.

Please be aware that because I am a Therapist helping clients with their mental health, the governement has announced that I am now able to open for in-person healing and coaching sessons from the 1st February 2021

Re-Alignment Therapy™  

 This is for you if you are struggling to find inner peace and wish to re-connect with your higher self, the divine. 

If you are feeling in need of help with your ascension process, the clearing of attachment, psychic attack and the release of karmic debt.

In this beautiful, deeply spiritual, healing therapy the Universal energies are combined with crystal grid work and golden ray grid work, to clear negativity and bring peace into the heart, soul and mind across all dimensions of your I Am. 

I work with the Angelic energy as well as quantum parallel lives work to clear the negativity not only from this lifetime but from past and parallel life times and shift family karmic patterns as well as your own to rebalance and reconnect the very cells of your being to lift you to your highest possible vibration right now.

Releasing the memory from the physical body so it can repair.  Reconnecting you to the divine. Reconnecting you to the path of your highest purpose.  

Please allow up to 120 minutes. £120 Click below to book 

Goddess Therapy

I activate the Goddess in you, so you can feel the power of love again. I help a lot of ‘broken’ women to feel whole again. To bring the pieces of themselves back together again so than feel alive and well. To do this, I ignite your goddess energy with this 90 ,minute session of healing and re-energising. This session combines a reiki back massage to let go of the weight you have carried for so long, then my ayurvedic facial to release the tension you have had to hide lately, then a reiki healing working to activate the kundalini energy, your goddess vibe, the female divine, to get you feeling like the goddess you are again! Please allow 90 minutes for this session. Click below to book or click here to buy as a gift voucher. £90.


Advanced Angelic Healing  

Advanced Angelic Healing (golden ray and crystalline grid)

​Healing for the heart, mind and soul. In this beautiful healing therapy the Archangels combined with crystal grid work and golden ray grid work together to clear negativity and bring peace into the heart, soul and mind. Reconnecting you to the divine. This healing is perfect for anyone struggling to find inner peace or feels they have lost their connection to themselves and the divine. 90 minutes.
​Please allow up to 90 minutes for this session. £90

Usui Reiki Healing 

 This is for you if you are struggling with anxiety or trauma caused by past or present events and illnesses within your daily life. This is a great healing session to have regularly to shift residual energies that are weighing you down.

Clearing negativity and bringing peace into body, soul and mind. Reconnecting you to your heart space. The Usui Reiki is brought in to clear your body ready to step forward. This healing is perfect for those who are struggling emotionally and mentally at the moment in their lives. 

You have a choice of either a 45 minute session (£50) or a 60 minute session (£60). Click below to book or click here to buy as a 45 minute session as a gift voucher £50

Angelic Reiki  

Need to find some peace? If you feel the need to let go of old pain, to breathe again, to find some peace and reconnect with your angels then this is for you. Please allow 45 minutes. Click below to book. 

Children’s Healing Therapy 

Usui Reiki is given to children who are struggling with challenges and change in their lives right now. Whether they are feeling anxious or upset, lost or confused. 30 minutes. £30


Palliative and End of Life Healing 

For those facing terminal illness and passing. Angelic reiki is used to bring peace, clarity and assist energetically in the acceptance and journey for passing. Samantha works with the Angelic realm in this capacity and is able to attend the home or hospital to provide treatment for those experiencing end of life. Please allow 45 minutes.£35.



Healing Bliss Massage  

If every bit of you aches and you could cry, then this is the one for you! In this 90-minute healing sessions, Usui Reiki and Massage are combined to create the ultimate release of tension from the body, mind, and soul, leaving you in a state of bliss. In this treatment the full body, neck, face, and scalp are massaged with warm, soothing oils. Please allow 90 minutes. Click below to book or click here to buy as a gift voucher  £65.


Back to Balance Massage 

If you have been keeping it together for too long now and your back is sore, then this is the one for you. Here the back is massaged and soothed through the energy of Usui Reiki. Perfect for tired backs and minds! Please allow 45 minutes. £50


How to Connect with Me for your Session

In-Person Appointments:

My Location:  Unit 4, Uffcott Farm, just outside Wroughton, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN4 9NB

The full address of my office is given at booking. There is parking available outside the building. Please park next to my red mini.

For client confidentiality please do not arrive until your allocated appointment time, thank you. Thank you.

Online Sessions

When an appointment is made for an online session you will be sent a link to ZOOM to connect at your allocated appointment time. Please ensure that you have downloaded Zoom to your phone/laptop BEFORE your appointment time. 

Terms and Conditions: 

  • You must be 18 years old to attend an appointment.  
  •  Payments are NON REFUNDABLE. Please ensure you can make your appointment before booking. 
  • A minimum of 24 hours notice must be given to re-arrange your appointment.
  • Please arrive at your allocated appointment time.
  • Please be aware that if you are late for your appointment then your appointment time will be shorter as I must stick to my schedule for the sake of other clients.