​All my readings are provided via online video calls using Zoom.

Please find details below of my online reading sessions. You can alternatively purchase an emailed tarot reading by clicking here.

​Please be aware that I am not a fortune teller. My role is not to tell you how many husbands or how many babies you are going to have! 

I am a Life Guidance Reader I use the tarot to coach my clients through choices and change whether in business or in their personal lives. I am here to help your mind, body and soul gain peace and clarity about the situations you have walked through, are in now and where they are leading you to. In my readings I help you lose the confusion, gain clarity, understand what the real challenge is and where the change needs to happen. I help my clients feel calmer, stronger, more focused and gain clarity about what they need to do next, the options they are facing and how to get the best out of them.

All ONLINE appointments are carried out on ZOOM please ensure you have downloaded Zoom BEFORE your appointment, thank you. 

Online Tarot Reading - 60 minutes

In this 60 minute online appointment I use the tarot cards to bring insight into the various situations that you are struggling with right now. These appointments are ONLY hosted through Zoom. Please download Zoom before your appointment. £60

Online Tarot Reading - 45 minutes

In this 45 minute online appointment I use the tarot cards and my psychic ability to bring insight into the situations you are in and struggling with right now. Hosted through Zoom. £50

Online Tarot Reading - 30 minutes

In this 30 minute online appointment I use the tarot cards to bring insight into the situation you are in and struggling with right now. Hosted through Zoom. £35

Online Mediumship Sitting - 45 minutes

PLEASE BE AWARE THIS SERVICE IS NOT AVAILABLE. I AM TAKIG A BREAK FROM MEDIUMSHIP. In this online appointment I connect with spirit world to bring through messages from loved ones. When booking please book an afternoon or evening appointment only.  You must be aged 18 or over to book a reading. Hosted through Zoom. £50

How to Connect with Me for your Appointment

​When an appointment is made for an online reading you will be sent a link to ZOOM to connect at your allocated appointment time. Please ensure that you have downloaded Zoom to your phone/laptop BEFORE your appointment time.

Terms and Conditions

  • You must be 18 or older to purchase a reading.
  • By law I am unable to read on health or fertility matters. If you request a reading on these subjects then you will be asked to provide a different question. No reading request will be refunded.
  • Readings are regarded as for entertainment purposes only and therefore there are no guarantees with the information and outcomes provided and Samantha Jayne holds no liability for the information provided or actions taken as a result of receiving a reading. 
  • Readings are non-refundable.
  • Please ensure you have downloaded ZOOM and given it permission to use your microphone and camera BEFORE your appointment as refunds will not be issued due to technical issues thank you.