I’ve changed!


Morning [firstname,fallback=] , we have been through so much over the last eighteen months, don’t  you think?

It’s not just been the outer stuff we have had to navigate through, it’s the inner stuff too. One thing I know, is that I have changed!

Now people will always not like you changing, especially if the shift no longer gives them what they need from you, but if you too are facing a shift and a change, I encourage you to make it about you, not them!

Why? Because one thing I have learnt over the last five years, that if I am not fulfilling the deeper calling within me, I cannot create happiness and joy for me or my clients.

For the last five years my work as a Healer and a Coach has been developed by life, through experience and most definitely by my Guides. It was calls to me from my soul.

The lions gate energy we are in, has pulled that up and out of me with such a force, in fact the journey began about 6 weeks ago, that I know in my heart that this is where I belong.

For five years my guides, my Angelic and Galactic team have been training me to remove negative Miasma DNA, NAA, the negative energy of fallen Angels and karmic debt, contracts and agreements.  Read more here

For five years I have been training in and developing a deeper understanding of how the mind must be shifted to allow this work to be fully completed.

Can you see how the two come together?

It is time!

Time to shift my focus.

I am choosing to focus on my Spiritual Coaching work.

I am choosing to focus on my Healing work.

I am choosing to align with the work that I truly came here to do.

Don’t panic, I am passionate about energies and I will always read the tarot and connect with spirit world for my clients to bring insight into their own spiritual journeys but over the next few weeks I will be letting go of a lot of distractions in my world.

Over the next few days I will send you an email or two to introduce the work I am doing in more detail.

How is your world shifting now? I would love to hear your answer! Drop me an email back.

I look forward to seeing you in my Healing Clinic some time soon.

Thank you for reading this!

You are loved and you are blessed
Samantha Jayne


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