It’s time to sort your sh#t out!

So, since we passed through the season of Halloween, as it is commonly referred to and the veil grew thinner, it opened up so many of us to see, hear and feel so much more than we have before. Not all of which was good. Why? Because 2020 is the year of choosing to live through the heart or through the mind. Which will you choose?

We are experiencing a planetary shift and the shift is to live through the heart, not the mind space. This creates tension, it means we have to face our fears, our inner demons and do the healing, the clearing work to be able to fully sit in the vibration of the heart, the oneness. The I am.

The world is waking up!

November is a key month for healing and so many are walking through dealing with their shadow self. The energies are therefore playing on your deepest fears, paranoia, insecurities and so many are falling into the trap of the mind. The fear based energy that lies within all of us. So I ask again, which will you choose?

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