It’s that time again!

Those two little words everyone dreads….. Mercury Retrograde!

From the 30th of January, we enter the season of Mercury Retrograde. Unlike other, harsher retrogrades, this retrograde has the potential to create what we call a restructuring of our consciousness, the way we think, the way we channel information, and the vision we have for our future. It is all about that coming together in unity, back into the I am energy as opposed to, sod everyone else.

A time, as I have already said in previous week ahead insights in my group and on my YouTube channel, of not wanting to conform. A time where we may find ourselves wanting to break free not only from the limits that society has placed upon us, but from the restricted thinking that lies within our minds to allow the awakening or opening of a new world to happen. Are you feeling restless yet? You may find you are as we step into the energies of this transit. This is because it is your soul that is not at ease with the choices you are making, the life you are living, it is looking for spiritual growth right now.

But what does that mean? It means going within, reflecting, and that doesn’t mean dwelling on the past, but instead, it means being deeply honest with ourselves about our happiness level, what brings us joy, how much we are giving back, how fulfilled we are by the choices we are making. Are you living through your head or through your heart state?

As always during Mercury Retrograde, just like any other, it is very important to watch what you say via speech, text, email, phone, in fact any form of communication. The Universe is listening and this Retrograde, combined with other planetary influences dominating the first few weeks of February, will have us creating a cosmic order of mayhem if we are sending out mixed signals, prayers, requests. You should also be prepared for the usual technology mishaps, so avoid buying a new phone or laptop during this time.

A time to check those emails really did send. That the text message was sent to the right person. That we are calm in those phone calls.

Even though we can’t particularly travel anywhere at the moment, travel can have the potential to be more screwed up than usual. If you are going somewhere, leave early in preparation for delays, traffic jams, or getting lost. Because of all of this, you might not want to accept all those invitations during this transit which ends on February 20th.

Happy Retrograde.

Samantha Jayne

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