Is It Your Anxiety or Someone Else’s?

Is it Your Anxiety or Someone else’s?

It’s #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek

As a healer, my speciality is helping people who struggle with anxiety. More often than not, that anxiety is actually a bi-product of being an empath.

When we are an empath, we feel this world. We feel everything and deeply. We even feel what is not ours to feel.

We often drown in an emotional overwhelm, and this presents as anxiety.

We can have a sense something is wrong, weeks before it happens and this causes us anxiety.

People are drawn to us and often tell us what they are anxious about. This makes them feel better but we are left carrying all that emotion and stress.

We feel everything, from everyone and everything!

Here are 10 signs you are an Empath:

1 You are able to feel the emotions of others, and you don’t even have to be with them!

2. You absorb the energy of others.

3. When other people are happy, so are you.

4. You feel drained when around negative people.

5. Strangers will often ask you for advice.

6. You are intuitive.

7. You feel drawn to helping others.

8. The weather affects your mood.

9. You are able to feel things before they even happen!

10. You find yourself feeling other people’s energy, not listening to their words.

Are you an empath? Are you feeling this?

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