I Am or I?


As I sit in my corner of the world in what we now call #lockdown3, I feel more than ever that the divide in the world is apparent. We are in times when we must pull back from daily life, to sit in our homes, to work in our homes and for many this does mean solitude and emptiness.

But as I look at the world through this window of mine, not the glass one, but the screen you are reading this through right now, I am so aware of another emptiness that is forming. So many people are increasingly out for themselves but their actions are getting noticed. This is so clear in the business world. Since March, I have noticed that businesses, whether large or small, the ones who are all about the take and not the give, all about that gain, the greed energy, the ones who are just out to turn a profit and not help in this world, the communities, online and offline are sliding. They are disconnecting from what the Universe is asking us to do, to become I am, not just I. To recognise that we are all in this together.

I am watching fellow business owners, who like myself are moving mountains to provide their services still in a way that is achievable and affordable for those who are struggling to keep going, they are the ones who are shining bright. They are the movers, the shifters and the leaders of many who just need a little help right now. When we help others we are contributing to the whole. That is what 2021 is all about my friends, the whole. The I am. The recognising that we must work together to combat things in this world.

If you are struggling in this world right now, especially in business, I would ask you to sit a while. To sit and be still and get back to the heart of the matter. Back to your why and get back to inspiring others.

Blessings x

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