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We are economists, statisticians, data scientists, segment specialists… in short, really smart people who like working together on tough challenges.

We generate brilliance

through powerful research and analysis

We develop digital brand strategies, communications, products and services that matter to your target group by novelty, brand authenticity and outstanding quality for higher brand awareness, engagement, sales and loyalty.


We improve performance

with state-of-the-art business analytics
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Creating and planning business ideas

Pro SEO services to deliver page one results for your business.

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Financial projections and analysis

Pay per click management campaign based on years of research.

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Market research and analysis

Long-term relationships between people and your brand. 

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Strategic planning and organization

We build conversion-driven marketing automation strategies.

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International business opportunities

We always look for more great opportunities outside the country.

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Exit and continuity planning

Get multiple options for your business continuity by planning. 

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Business valuation services

Business owners must know the exact appraisal of their assets.

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Stabilizing cash flow and expenses
​Let us worry about the balance. We make it all work for you!

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Some testimonials from

our happy clients

I absolutely recommend Sam’s coaching programme. Through this programme Sam has helped me recognise some difficult areas of personal development, and she has guided me with genuine compassion, empathy and understanding. Her intuitive approach is second to one and is the key driver of developing insight into the beliefs and values that are holding you back from enjoying life to the full. Sam created a realistic and empowering action plan of next steps to remedy blockers in my personal and professional life. She then guided me through putting this into action and as a result I now feel like a new woman; reenergised with a new-found confidence and renewed zest for life. A true professional and very gifted coach.

Amy Derham

Amy Derham

Sam’s intuitive style of coaching is brilliant and works at a much deeper level than you’d initially expect. In my case, we are talking about ingrained, subconscious, core beliefs from my childhood that were holding me back. If you are ready to make some major changes in your life and shift your business up a couple of gears then book a 12-week course with Sam now. You will be amazed at what you can achieve in a short space of time with this business diva on your side!

Briony Roberts, Writers-unblocked

Briony Roberts, Writers-unblocked

Hi Samantha,
Just wanted to say a big thank you for your amazing reading. It is a brilliant feeling to know where i am heading and i can’t thank you & your guides enough for pointing me in the right direction.



Samantha Jayne is amazingly skilled!!!! The guidance she gives me every time I have a reading is spot on!!! She is down to earth and tells it as it is!! I will definitely continue to work with Samantha!!! She is a true gem!!!! xxx

Bex Cooper

Bex Cooper

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    Need Help Getting Unstuck?

    Season One - Get Unfuckwithable!

    THIS IS MY LIFE CHANGING ONE TO ONE PROGRAMME that EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT! where healing, coaching and energy know-how are combined to shift that block and get life moving again!

    Your body is tired and so is your mind. Tired from worrying about life, love, money. Life never seems to go your way. You may even feel angry and resentful at times and question what’s the point! You are feeling disconnected.

    Clients come to me because they are struggling with anxiety, depression, stress, frustration or simply feel like something is blocking them, stopping them from achieving things. They feel disconnected from the life they are living or an aspect within it.

    Some feel trapped in a relationship and unable to move on with their lives, to bring a positive change in. Some feel betrayed, violated and even abused through past relationships and need help letting go.

    Are these words resonating with you?

    Let me help you.

    Through inner child work, parallel life work, karmic release therapy, breakthrough coaching and healing, all of this can be released in just 4 sessions!

    Your investment just £375!

    Is it Time to Invest in You and Your Life?

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    Season Two - Discover What Self Love Truly Is!

    Do you feel unloved? Do you feel like you are always last on everyone’s list? This a FOUR SESSION Coaching Programme to help you discover what the real definition of Self Love truly is.

    Discover how the lack of it is showing up RIGHT NOW in your life and most importantly what you need to do to re-instate it. 

    I can’t wait to power you back up again!

    Season Three - Your Money is in Your Mindset

    Tired of always struggling to make ends or just getting by each month?
    Are you struggling with your finances?
    Feel like you are drowning in debt?
    Never seem to get that job? That promotion?
    That business deal?

    Let me help you identify the real problem, shift that block and show you the real secret to living an abundant life. This is a one to one, online 4 session coaching programme. 

    Let’s discover how powerful you really are!


    In the last 18 months:

    One client has regained her sense of self worth and is now in a loving relationship.

    One Client has walked away mentally and emotionally from an abusive relationship.

    One of my clients has found a new way of communicating and is back in a loving marriage.

    One client has let go of years of abuse to create a new life.

    Two clients have found the strength to end unhappy marriages.

    One teen client has stopped feeling responsible for her parents drug abuse.

    One teen has discovered she is worth the fight!

    One teen client has completed her time with YOT and is now working and enjoying life helping others.

    One teen client has recognised the need to stay at college.

    One teen client has succeeded massively through football trials he was too meek and mild to shine at.

    One of my clients has quadrupled her business.

    Three now have 6 figure businesses and amazing teams behind them.

    One client came to me to rebrand and she is now excelling in her new marketplace.

    One client has bought her own home, a dream she thought she would never achieve, let alone in ten months!

    One has become a millionaire!

    Two have moved to their dream locations to live.

    Is it time to invest in your happiness too?

    How do we get unstuck?

    • Uncovering our why.
    • Not accepting the opinions of others.
    • Self love.
    • Telling a new story.
    • Unlimiting our mind.
    • Creating with the Universe.
    • Kicking ass!