Sessions Available in my Healing Clinic

The body has it's own memory, it holds on to the physical impact of past and present experiences and this locks in past emotion. In my role as a healer, my specialty is that I work energetically to shift that emotion, the energy of the past, the impact it has had on the body, mind and soul, so that you can release and let go of not only the past experience and emotion that is now trapped, leaving you stuck in this life but also the past life links, attachments and karmic energy whether your own in this life or your families.

I remind the body and mind that it has the power to heal itself. All of which can powerfully block our path of creation and positive living.

Re-Alignment Therapy
So often our life experiences knock us out of alignment mentally and emotionally which in turn puts us on a harder path in life which we need not be on. It can feel like trying to find your way in the dark, as if we are lost, constantly distracted and unsure of who we are or what we want anymore. Our negative emotion state, our shadow self, is running the show and this can be unhealthy for the mind and the body. In this session I combine an energetic healing to shift the blocks and realign your entire energetic system and a coaching session to shift the mindset you are in. Please allow 2 hours.  £120

Parallel Life Session
Sometimes there is an issue that extends across time and dimensions. .A Parallel Life Session allows you to access all aspects of you, across all dimensions. You become connected with the other you, or, multiple you’ s in multiple universes. You move through your own consciousness. You are able to view their lives as clearly as you see, feel and act in your own. You learn the lessons of others, you note decisions or non-decisions made and the energy that is caused through these decisions. You discover more about yourself than you thought possible.  Please allow 90 minutes. £65

Advanced Angelic Quantum Healing
This is for you if you are struggling to find inner peace and wish to re-connect with your higher self, the divine. If you are feeling in need of help with your ascension process, the clearing of attachment, psychic attack and the release of karmic debt . In this beautiful, deeply spiritual, healing therapy the Archangels energies are combined with crystal grid work and golden ray grid work, to clear negativity and bring peace into the heart, soul and mind across all dimensions of your I Am. I work with the Angelic energy as well as quantum parallel lives work to clear the negativity not only from this lifetime but from past and parallel life times and shift family karmic patterns as well as your own to rebalance and reconnect the very cells of your being to lift you to your highest possible vibration right now. Releasing the memory from the physical body so it can repair.  Reconnecting you to the divine. Reconnecting you to the path of your highest purpose.  Please allow up to 90 minutes. £65

Angelic Healing
This is for you if you are struggling with anxiety or trauma caused by past or present events and illnesses.
In this beautiful healing therapy the Archangels are brought in for the purpose of healing. Clearing negativity and bringing peace into body, soul and mind. Reconnecting you to your heart space. This healing is perfect for those who are struggling emotionally and mentally at the moment in their lives. Please allow 45 minutes.  £50.

Palliative and End of Life Reiki
For those facing terminal illness and passing. Angelic reiki is used to bring peace, clarity and assist energetically in the acceptance and journey for passing. Samantha works with the Angelic realm in this capacity and is able to attend the home or hospital to provide treatment for those experiencing end of life. Please allow 45 minutes.£35.

Children’s Healing
Usui Reiki is given to children who are struggling with challenges and change in their lives right now. Whether they are feeling anxious or upset, lost or confused. 30 minutes. £30

Healing Bliss Massage
In this 90-minute healing sessions, Usui Reiki and Massage are combined to create the ultimate release of tension from the body, mind, and soul, leaving you in a state of bliss. In this treatment the full body, neck, face, and scalp are massaged with warm, soothing oils. Please allow 90 minutes. £65.

Higher Self Massage
In this healing session Usui Reiki and Massage are combined to release tension from the shoulders, neck, scalp and face. Ayurvedic massage points are used within the facial massage to release stress. Please allow 45 minutes. £50

Back to Balance
Here the back is massaged and soothed through the energy of Usui Reiki. Perfect for tired backs and minds! Please allow 45 minutes. £50

Teen Therapy Programme
‘TEEN THERAPY PROGRAMME’® is a series of sessions specifically tailored for teenagers living in today’s world. These sessions combine coaching, healing, visualisation and goal setting and are available to children who are struggling with bullying, anxiety, depression, considered at risk with the potential of becoming young offenders, those struggling mentally or emotionally with family situations, death and are experiencing confidence issues. Children who are drinking or self-harming in other ways. Often this impacts their ability to study, to learn, to grow and to see the world as place of opportunity rather than hardship. I call this the poverty mindset.

The programme involves your child attending an hour’s session where coaching and healing are blended. The follow up sessions of 30 minutes are required usually for the first 2 weeks after session and then as needed.  The first session costs £50 with follow up sessions costing £30 each.

The Global Burden of Disease Study 2010 concluded that the most predominant mental health problems worldwide, across all ages and genders, are depression and anxiety. It is the largest single source of world economic burden, with an estimated global cost of £1.6 trillion.

In the UK, the Mental Health Foundation states 75% of all mental health problems are established by age 18. 50% by age 14 and 75% by age 24. 75% of young people aren’t receiving treatment and 10% have a clinically diagnosable mental problem, yet 70% have not had appropriate interventions at a sufficiently early age.

In Swindon there were 48,600 under 18s, 22.5% of the population [2014] and this is projected to increase to 58,300 [2031]. By 2037 the Office for National Statistics estimates Swindon’s 0-19 year olds are projected to increase by 17.5% compared to the rest of England at 9.3%.

Childhood mental health disorders can have high levels of persistence and those affected are 3.5 times more likely than others to suffer depression or anxiety disorders into adulthood. Not to mention a higher risk of addiction, criminality, self-harm, poorer career and economic opportunities.

This is why this work is so important to me!

Please note: Parents are not allowed to sit in on sessions. Please talk to your child about the sessions as a way of preparing them to attend for the first time. 

Tarot Readings

Tarot empowers us to make powerful decisions, to choose to align with the universe and follow our bliss. To see the opportunities and intuitively know what to do next. Life is a journey, one journey in which we are blessed with. Sometimes the cards can indicate challenges ahead and through the coaching element a strategy to move forward can be achieved. Sometimes the tarot brings a lot of steps to take to our attention, and when I blend coaching this will help you prioritise. 

​My clients leave the sessions feeling calmer, stronger, focused and energised whilst having clarity about what they need to do next, the options they are facing and how to get the best out of them.

Your Investment: These sessions are either 45 minutes at a cost of £50 per session or 60 minutes at a cost of £65.

How to make a booking: All appointments are made through the online system through clicking on the buttons below. Please be aware when booking that cancellations are not accepted or refunded, therefore please ensure you wish to attend before making a booking. Should you need to rearrange you are able to do that through the online booking system as long as more than 24 hours notice is given.

Mediumship Sittings

I provide a ONE TO ONE Mediumship sitting giving you the opportunity to listen to messages from loved ones in spirit. Please be aware that you must be 18 to attend and that there is no guarantee about who will come through to you in the session. You are welcome to bring items of a loved one to the session. Sessions are 60 minutes, £65.

How to Connect with Me for your Session

In-Person Appointments:

My Location:  Unit 4, Uffcott Farm, just outside Wroughton, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN4 9NB

The full address of my office is given at booking. There is parking available outside the building. Please park next to my red mini.

For client confidentiality please do not arrive until your allocated appointment time, thank you. Thank you.

Online Sessions

When an appointment is made for an online session you will be sent a link to ZOOM to connect at your allocated appointment time. Please ensure that you have downloaded Zoom to your phone/laptop BEFORE your appointment time. 

Terms and Conditions: 

  • You must be 18 years old to attend an appointment.  
  •  Payments are NON REFUNDABLE. Please ensure you can make your appointment before booking. 
  • A minimum of 24 hours notice must be given to re-arrange your appointment.
  • Please arrive at your allocated appointment time.
  • Please be aware that if you are late for your appointment then your appointment time will be shorter as I must stick to my schedule for the sake of other clients.