Full Moon 23rd July 2021

Today,  you may start to find yourself under the influence of a full moon.

This full moon could have us feeling irritable. If there are imbalances in our relationships, we are about to find out.

Whilst this full moon is predominantly shining on our personal, intimate relationships, it does have the potential to highlight issues in our business and friendship connections too.

Remember this one is about balance. During this transit we could find ourselves growing increasingly irritable around our intimate relationships, our self-worth, and of course our finances because of the involvement of Venus. We also have the influence of Jupiter at this time too which can bring to our attention situations involving greed and excess. On a positive not though, because our self worth is improving, it does mean that we can experience in confidence, drive, ambition and being brave and tackling things!

So what would be the best advice for this one?

Well, when it comes to your personal relationship, I would recommend trying to not let your partner’s annoying habits, irritate you so much that you throw away something that actually is good.

With regards to your financial aspect, you may need to be looking at them closely and needing to take steps to get the books to balance.

When it comes to business there is a need to just check in with yourself, as I affectionately call it, and ask yourself are you coming from a place of greed right now? You may also want to be careful that you are not overestimating yourself too when it comes to your abilities to get work, projects done, that can be the negative end of the spectrum when it comes to that increased self worth, However all this confidence and drive can have us feeling much braver and taking bigger steps towards abundance and success. Watch for spinning too many plates though and trying to achieve too many goals right now. Less is more!

So to summarise, I would say that this is a time to do things in moderation and having self-control will be a key part to getting the best out of this moon cycle rather than succumb to it negatively and have to deal with the consequences for months to come and I said before, try not to let them irritate you too much.

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