Do You Live in a Haunted House?

Let me share with you 8key things I have noticed in my work, that indicate to me, that the answer is probably yes!!!

  1. Things that go bump in the night. Yes we get it. We all have said it, but they really do go bump in the night. Bumps, bangs, knocks, whistles are all ways that spirit choose to communicate with us.
  2. What did you say? When you are upstairs and you swear someone just called you from downstairs, but when you got there, there was no one else in.
  3. Ever felt you were being watched. I have often experienced spirit simply observing people in their homes. The homes that they have lived in. Homes have always been people’s pride and joy so they go back to them because of the love they feel for them. They want to know their homes are still loved.
  4. An open door. Have you ever just watched a door swing open slightly? Especially that wardrobe door or perhaps a drawer in a cupboard, as spirit were looking for something.
  5. It’s freezing in here. So often when we enter a haunted place, we are instantly hit with a coldness in the air. Our bodies register the shift in energy in the place and we feel freezing cold. A cold that sweeps over us in a way that just isn’t possible.
  6. Felt like you were touched? Whether it is your hair, your arm or your hand or foot that was hanging out of the bed, you probably weren’t imagining it.
  7. See something move. We often see spirit, out the corner of our eye, in our peripheral vision simply move across the room. Do they know you are there? Are they trying to get your attention? Probably not, this activity tends to be that you are simply seeing them go about their business in their own world.
  8. Now you see it, now you don’t! You know damn well you left the keys on the side, or the necklace in that drawer but now it is truly gone. I remember once I lost a ring at a property. It was on the side in the living room. I swear to God it was, so much so that I thought someone had stolen it but had no clue who to point the finger at, and didn’t want to for that matter. 6 months later when I was moving into a new property. I carried a chest of drawers upstairs to the top floor. Only I had gone up there but when I turned around the ring was sat on the top of the newly moved chest of drawers1 Absolutely impossible!!

The list is endless, I could go on but would love to hear your experiences instead.

We recorded a show on hauntings recently over on our YouTube Channel. You can check it out here:

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