I help my clients become unfuckwithable by getting unstuck!

Your body is tired and so is your mind. Tired from worrying about life, love, money. Life never seems to go your way. You may even feel angry and resentful at times and question what’s the point!

My clients are struggling with anxiety, depression, stress, frustration or simply feel like something is blocking them, stopping them from achieving things. They feel disconnected from the life they are living or an aspect within it. They feel unable to move on with their lives, to bring any positive change in. Some feel betrayed, violated and even abused.

Is this you?

Are these words resonating with you?

How do we get unstuck?

  • Uncovering our why.
  • Not accepting the opinions of others.
  • Self love.
  • Telling a new story.
  • Unlimiting our mind.
  • Creating with the Universe.
  • Kicking ass!

My Programmes

Working with me in my programmes you will experience transformation of your mind, body and soul. Each programme has been specially designed to create a healing and coaching experience that gives you the power to change your life and your business.

The truth is, it is your old fears holding you back. 

In this programme I help my clients truly let go of the past experiences that are holding them back, shift their mindset and discover how to create with the Universe instead of against it!

This programme includes:
4 one to one coaching sessions
1 quantum healing session
1 angelic healing session

All specifically created for the purpose of releasing old patterns, old beliefs, change your story, remove karmic energy and negativity from your aura, change your mindset and discover how to create with the Universe.

Your investment: £500

This programme is perfect for the heart centred entrepreneur! The world needs that special gift you have more than ever before.

​This programme includes:
Access to my vault of training videos to help you create your online presence, develop a strategy and identify your tribe.
12 one to one business coaching sessions
1 angelic healing session to shift old energy blocking you
1 business development tarot reading

​All specifically created to help you develop a business strategy, identify your tribe, know your worth when it comes to your fees, shift your money blocks and align you with your perfect clients.

Your investment: £1000

(payment plan option available)

Yes I want to get unstuck!

Individual Sessions

Having worked as a Healer and Reader for nearly 20 years, I do provide the following sessions individually.  Please click on the links to find out more and book in. 

Online Tarot Reading
Gain guidance into the situations you are in and how to step forward in life through the tarot.

Parallel Life Hypnotherapy
PQL is a hypnotherapy session in which we step over to these parallel lives, the lives that could have been chosen but were not. This enforces the knowledge that we have choice and that these parallel realities offer a way to heal.

Angelic Reiki Healing
This is for you if you are struggling with anxiety or trauma caused by past events and illnesses.In this beautiful healing therapy the Archangels are brought in for the purpose of healing. Clearing negativity and bringing peace into body, soul and mind.

Re-Alignment Therapy
In this session I combine an energetic healing to shift the blocks and realign your entire energetic system and a coaching session to shift the mindset you are in.

Angelic Clearing Healing Session
Sometimes we are not the reason we are so stuck in life! In this beautiful healing therapy the Archangels combined with crystal grid work and golden ray grid work together to clear negativity, spirit attachment, psychic attack,  karmic issues and bring peace into the heart, soul and mind.

Mindset Health Check
Are you struggling with Anxiety and overthinking? In this session we look at all of this as take you through that process through my mindset health check. Then through coaching techniques and healing techniques we release the real issue behind the thinking that is causing you so much anxiety right now.

Law of Attraction Coaching Session
As a qualified Law of Attraction Coach, I provide these sessions online and look at you blocks, your thought patterns, show you how to connect and how to align with your authentic abundance.