A Parallel World

A Parallel World

It is a strange time we live in. Not so much because of the fear of catching Covid, the debates around the jab, the lockdowns we have walked through, the restrictions we have become accustomed to, but the mindset that so many of us are now experiencing. A mindset that has slowly formed over the last few months. Like a ticking clock, counting down the minutes and moments until we are out of restrictions, so have our minds been tick, tick, ticking away.

The journey of the last 12 months has taken it’s toll. and I suspect more than many of us thought. So many people are now struggling with anxiety, like a new form of social anxiety has been developed. One where we are afraid of stepping back out into the world and ‘peopling’ again.

Anxiety is running high, fear of acceptance, fear of change, fear of loneliness as so many of us have gone through a process of stepping away from those who no longer belonged in our world.

Life is beginning to ask a lot of us again, and we are feeling the strain. Energy levels are riding high and plummeting the next. We are drained and our minds are running overdrive. We are multi-tasking more than ever before with a pressure that we are no longer used to as we adjust to getting ‘back in the game’.

There is an ugliness though. An ugliness in business as funding, grants and support and disappearing and tax bills are looming, so many are scrabbling around in the dirt, chasing the pennies at any cost. But what cost? Their integrity, their morals, their clients success levels, their clients actually healing. I am watching individuals and companies, not only place all their focus on making money and fast, but also in getting seen and getting known, even if it means through making false claims about their abilities, their training and their understanding of the situations of those they claim to be helping, serving. I genuinely feel sad to my core with what I am seeing right now in this world we live in.

Are you working from a place of heart or ego? Are you truly operating from a place of love or fear? Fear of not actually being seen and heard as we now officially open the doors to life once more. Are you afraid that you are not powerful enough to be seen, to be noticed. Are you afraid that actually you cannot pull this off, that you cannot create a business, a path of purpose in this new world that we are about to step into? Are you afraid that you spent so long hiding in the walls of lockdown, that you no longer know your place in this world?

When we are acting from a place of fear, we in fact create reasons to be fearful.

As I have walked through this world over recent weeks, I have become increasingly aware of what I can only identify as a parallel world. It is as if the worlds that overlay are closer than ever before. A world where there is a dividing force called fear. I am seeing this in peoples personal lives, and in the lives of business owners. I am seeing it in the teenagers who come to me. Anxiety and fear is not selective. It will take anyone willing down into it’s pit of despair, emptiness and loneliness.

A divide that saddens me but also empowers me. Why? Because I use what I see to drive me, not distract me from my own path of purpose. I am a Master at staying in lane.

In every moment we have a choice. Are you choosing to work from the energy of love, service and empowerment or are you choosing to work from a place of fear, is the question that so many of us need to just take the time to check in with ourselves and ask, over and over again as we make choices about the path we now take as this new world opens once and for all.

We are floating now in the shadow energies of the Mercury Retrograde, a season of reflection, a season of looking at what we are creating and recognising the need to have a re-think. Old fears, old insecurities can rise. You have been warned!

However, it is also an opportunity, for the energies we are stepping into are there to support you as you bring your old skills, your old know how into this new energy in a whole new way. This is a season not to be afraid, but instead to get ready to grow. To get ready to flow. Even if it means in a new way.

A time of releasing the fears that are reforming. Old fears that we have not felt for so long, if we have been working at home, furloughed and tucked away from the ‘judgement’ of those, out there in that big wide world, we may be in for a bit of a ride.

The question is will you choose the high road or the low road?
Are you ready to shine or are you choosing to scrabble around in the dirt?

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