3 Simple Spiritual Practices to Help Leave Mercury Retrograde Behind


Hallelujah!!! Are they ringing the bells yet to celebrate that today Mercury starts the process of turning direct? I for one will be glad to see the back of this one, on a positive it has brought me so many wonderful clients to work with, all working through clearing past life issues and past karmic play outs, but on the negative I have had nothing but technology issues!

So, as we celebrate this day, or is that just me, she laughs, I thought I would share with you some fabulous, spiritual practices to help you step forward out of that energy.

  1. Now the first one, is to smudge! Smudge your home, smudge your office, you might even want to smudge your car if that is where you do your thinking, crying or found yourself arguing as we walked through the powerful energy of Mercury. Not sure how to? Click here to watch my free webinar. Be careful though, make sure you are ready for it going up in flames like mine did yesterday! Remember to smudge your crystals too, they may have had quite a battering over the last few weeks.

2. Place a Cosmic Order. Now is the perfect time to place an order, send out a request to the universe for what it is that you would like to create between now and the end of the year. Right now we have the power of Mercury turning direct to push that desire forward, and we also have the energies of the summer solstice still here to power up and light the way to achieve that all important desire, wish or dream.

3. Take a salt bath! Yes, honestly, get in a salt bath and cleanse your energy field through very quickly. To do this you need to throw a few handfuls of rock salt into the bath water as it is running, with the intention of cleansing the body, mind and soul. A few drops of lavender oil are perfect too. To make this a relaxing and cleansing experience on all levels. If you are Reiki trained then you can even draw your symbols into the water to power up the cleansing powers of the salt and the oils. Want to take it a step further? Drop some rose quarts gently into the water or if possible, place them by your head on the side of the bath. Relax and enjoy!

Feeling better just reading this. Drop me a comment and let me know if you take me up on these suggestions. I’d love to know if this blog helped you today.

Samantha Jayne
Spiritual Coach

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