My name is Samantha Jayne and I am a Soul Path Coach.

My calling is to empower you to choose your soul's path whether in your business or your life.

Why? Because it is where all your happiness, your joy, your success, your sense of fulfilment and your wealth lies!

I am clearing my clients Ancestral programming, DNA coding, negative beliefs and re-activating them to their soul’s path.
Coaching  them to show them how to let go of fear, negativity and consciously choose to create a life they love, doing what they love
and being who they truly came here to be.

Ready to claim your life back?


Clients come to me because they are experiencing a block. They feel lost, blocked and stuck.
Whether in their business life or their personal lives, though often both!

We cannot be open to abundance, we cannot activate the dormant wealth coding that lies within all of us, if we have not
cleared the blocks that have kept it hidden from us. 

My purpose, my calling is to heal your karmic trail, your Ancestral DNA so you can live the life you desire, to experience abundance whether in your personal life or your business, in fact, in both! 

What if I could get to the bottom of why, why you are feeling stuck, blocked, lost and fast?
What if I could identify the block, the negativity, and whether it is yours or other peoples, and then help you to shift it.?
Could that make the difference in your life that you are looking for. 

In my work as a Soul Path Coach, I use all my knowledge, my training and a little universal magic to inspire you, shift you and help you to walk your own path, the path of the Soul,  to successfully become you in your personal life AND your business life whilst embracing universal energies and spiritual principles. I show my Clients how working with the law of attraction, energy and emotion will align you to the life you desire. 

My reading work, healing work, emersion days, activation masterminds and coaching programmes,
have all been specifically developed for this purpose. 

I have helped thousands of clients over the last twenty years to let go of the negativity they are attached to.
Sometime it is their own, sometimes it is karmic and other times it is the negativity of the people around them.

Is it time to let me help you too?

Why choose a Psychic Reader and Healer as your  Coach? 

My abilities allow me to enter your world in this lifetime, past life times and future life times, to shift the karmic patterns of the soul. It also means I am able to tap in to the real root of the cause of your anxiety or block so we can shift it fast. Healing the body, mind and soul so that a re-alignment can occur. We get you back on your way to being the real you. The YOU you came here to be, not the you, you have become as a result of your life experiences.

💜 Psychic Medium for 20+ years
💜 Trance Healer for 15+ years
💜 Therapist for 15+ years
💜 Holistic Trainer for 15+ years
💜 Spiritual Teacher for 12+ years
💜 Spiritual Coach for 5+ years.
💜 Author
💜 Inspirational Speaker
💜 Appeared on Sky TV
💜 Appeared on Moonstruck TV
💜 Appeared on Controversial TV
💜 Channel host on YouTube.
💜 Interviewed on numerous radio shows
💜 Seen in the Daily Star, Daily Express, The Sun, The US Sun and the Daily Mail.


Sarah Moulton
Sarah MoultonSwindon
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Samantha Jayne is so kind and easy to talk to I have had lots of treatments with Sam and highly recommend Sam
Sue Pendragon
Sue PendragonWilshire
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.Samantha Jayne is a wonderful person to connect too. She is warm and opening to help you in anyway she can. Highly recommend Samantha.
Debbie Hing
Debbie HingSwindon
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Samantha has an amazing talent and is very knowledgable and professional at what she does. She makes me feel at ease and I always leave feeling exhilarated. Highly recommended..
Kaz Lichota
Kaz LichotaSwindon
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.I've had some incredible healing sessions with Sam. I'd lost sight of myself a few years ago and Sam worked her magic to help bring all the pieces of my Self back together. She's truly remarkable and I'm forever grateful 💖 I guarantee that Sam will be able to help you, so don't hesitate to book in to see her 😁 xxx
Jane L
Jane LUK
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I have previously had an email tarot reading from Sam which was really good. I have also taken some of the free courses kindly offered which have been excellent. I love Sams straight talking way, she's always honest and she has helped me more than she probably even knows!
Yvonne Parker
Yvonne ParkerSwindon
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I would highly recommend seeing Samantha Jayne this lady is amazingly talented. She not only heals you mentally through her energy and insight work but also with her coaching and teaching. After receiving her Reiki treatment, this gives you clarity in your mind as well as physically always feeling lighter and more full of energy.
Sarah Adams
Sarah AdamsSwindon
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Words cannot describe how much Sam has transformed and inspired my journey through life. I tried counselling to help me find my way. I needed a different way forward.... Then a friend recommended Samantha Jayne. Sam is genuine, honest, connected and so talented, she has helped empower me and find my real purpose in life. You cannot put a price on your personal growth and development. I have been expertly guided by her and thoroughly recommend her. She is awesome x
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Thank you, thank you, thank you, amazing, accurate, insightful reading. I've just had a reading with Sam after coming to a very confusing place that I was struggling to make sense of, I now feel confident and excited about the future and this is all down to Sam's amazing ability and her guidance that helps to reassure you that you are on the right path x
Kath Simmonds
Kath SimmondsGloucester
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Sam is amazing, whether you want insight from the tarot or her invaluable straight talking counselling services. She is empathetic but tough when you need to know the truth. Sam encourages you to see the answers you need and allows you to build your skills to use them to change your outlook and life.
David Reed
David ReedSwindon
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This was my first experience meeting Samantha Jayne, and it was a positive thought proving visit. I have since recommended her to others and I look forward to seeing Samantha Jayne again in the not too distant future.
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I recently had an angelic healing session done by Sam and it was just amazing! I felt so calm, relaxed and incredible all day afterwards and I’ve since felt huge shifts as well. Highly recommend healing by Sam, she is incredible at what she does
Monika Vickers
Monika VickersSwindon
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Thank you so much Sam. Yet again, another fantastic reading, it was a great fun tonight, you're made me laugh and smile again . You've reassured me that I'm on the right path and a I feel like I can deal with anything now.....You are truly gifted, absolutely amazing! xx
Candice Raquel Williams
Candice Raquel WilliamsSwindon
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Sam is an amazing Psychic/Trainer and Coach! As soon as I met her I knew I was where I was supposed to be. One on one training I believe that you get the very best and Sam did prove me right. So knowledgeable in so many things and inspiring! Her coaching is not like any other I’ve had, and I feel like it was the best for me.
Samantha Popkiss
Samantha PopkissSwindon
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I went to see Samantha Jayne after recently loosing my father and I was desperate for him to come through, Samantha was unaware of any reasons for me to be there and I cannot express how much comfort she has given me from my visit! There is no possible way that she could of known any of what was said. I will be forever grateful for the answers Samantha Jayne gave me x
Jake Cannon
Jake CannonSwindon
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I had a very amazing Reiki session, much clearer on my goals afterwards, and so totally cleansed from a toxic relationship ,this lady really knows her stuff ! And in such a chilled and relaxed approach
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denise mcgarrie  2 days ago Sam never stops to astound me with her gift that she shares with us of which I am very grateful. Absolutely accurate with her readings and helps you navigate the path of life with its challenges. A wonderfully warm person that makes you feel at ease. Having used her services many times, I can only but recommend her to anyone. Thanks Sam
Lou Robins
Lou RobinsSwindon
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I cannot thank Sam enough for all she has done for me. I am starting to find me once again, or maybe even for the first time. Sam ‘gets it’ and will guide you to get to where you want me be, and is firm but fair when needed. I’m on a journey, but I know I am in the right place. I cannot thank or recommend this lovely lady enough
Kim Plumstead
Kim PlumsteadSwindon
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I went to see Sam for some general guidance/direction but what we ended up talking about was so necessary and so accurate to my current situation. I would highly recommend! I'm sure I'll be back sometime in the future. Thank you!




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