I shift my clients blocks and give them the clarity and strength to move forward.


Clients come to me because they are struggling with anxiety, depression, stress, frustration or simply feel like something is blocking them, stopping them from achieving things. They feel disconnected from the life they are living or an aspect within it.

Some feel trapped in a situation or a relationship and unable to move on with their lives, to bring a positive change in.

My purpose is to inspire you, wake you, shift you and help you to walk your own path to successfully become you in your personal life AND your business life.

How? Through my reading work, healing work and coaching programmes, all specifically developed for this purpose.

​I help my clients lose the gap between where they are right now and where they wish to be.
To lose the negative energy, programming, thinking and expectations that life has burdened them with. I empower my clients to walk through challenges and change with their head held high.

I have helped thousands of clients over the last twenty years to let go of the negativity they are attached too. Sometime it is their own, sometimes it is karmic and other times it is the negativity of the people around them.

Can I help you too?

Read about my journey of awakening in my new book.
Now available through Amazon on kindle and as a paperback.

Why choose a Psychic Reader and Healer as your Spiritual Life Coach? My abilities allow me to enter your world in this lifetime, past life times and future life times, to shift the karmic patterns of the soul. It also means I am able to tap in to the real root of the cause of your anxiety or block so we can shift it fast. Healing the body, mind and soul so that a re-alignment can occur. We get you back on your way to being the real you. The YOU you came here to be, not the you, you have become as a result of your life experiences.



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