“I have been following Sam for the past 20+ years. She really is unbelievable, I’ve always come away from private readings feeling peaceful and at ease with what she has told me, she is always spot on in telling me whats going on in my life at that time and gives positive advice to help with decisions. Her insights are remarkable, she truly is fabulous….highly recommended ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐” 

Sam Bird, Swindon, Wiltshire, UK

world class psychic medium samantha jayne


Samantha Jayne, is a natural, spirit trained,  internationally acclaimed, Psychic Medium and Tarot Reader and has been reading for clients for over 23 years.

She is also a qualified, award-winning Spiritual Coach, healing the energy and mindset of Spiritually minded Entrepreneurs. 

She also works as an Inspirational Speaker and Retreat Host. 


the psychic speaker samantha jayne

Samantha Jayne

Samantha Jayne, is not a fortune teller, she leaves that to the generations before her who worked as readers! She is a Psychic Consultant, specialising in life guidance readings and spirit communication, bringing through messages from her guides to help you move forward within the situation you find yourself in right now.

In her work as a Psychic Consultant she works with Authors, Writers, TV and Film production companies. 

She is also a highly experienced Platform Psychic Medium, Paranormal Medium providing Trance and Transfiguration over the years as well as having worked on TV and been interviewed in the press and on radio about her work and her experiences with spirit. 

In he readings, it’s not just about guidance and messages, Samantha Jayne, sees the tarot as a coaching tool, used by her guides to communicate the changes, the action steps, the realities that need to be faced, healed or changed in order to love life more.

“I have seen Sam over a number of years and she gives me clarity understanding and healing when my life is uncertain. She builds me up to be the strong woman I am and to grow and explore the world in a positive way. I am blessed to have her as my coach in my life”  Linnet Allison – Marlborough, Wiltshire.

Working in the spiritual industry for over 23 years, she also runs workshops and mini courses through the year.

“Thank you Sam for your amazing support over the years. The Ascension process would have been a lot harder without your guidance. Your incite & guidance has helped put me on the right path and I have never looked back.”  Tino Innes – Newbury, Wiltshire.

Samantha Jayne, is passionate about spirit world and that you leave with clarity from any session with her.



Samantha works as a writer and psychic consultant for authors, writers, tv production and film production companies who need to make sure what they are creating is factual and realistic within the spirit or paranormal world.   Please email samantha at  to discuss your project and booking in as time and costings vary due to the location and type of work required. 


Absolutely brilliant and so insightful, helpful, and frankly mind-blowing! Thank you so much Sam! Charmian 


Personally, I came back to her again recently after five years, when all her accurate & detailed predictions from then showed up and want to find their fulfillment now. She is a great guide for me when I’m overwhelmed with energies or emotions and balances by informing how the transition-process can happen easily and within the divine flow.

Monica Narr, Austria


My Spiritual Awakening

In this book Samantha Jayne shares her story of how her journey of awakening began through a frightening ordeal of having a spirit attached that attempted to kill her every night whilst she slept..

101 angel messages book by psychic medium and trance healer samantha jayne


Daily Angel Guidance for You!

Samantha Jayne shares 101 Angel messages for you to receive daily guidance. Simply close your eyes, ask for guidance and open the book where you feel drawn to, to receive your guidance. 




Hi Samantha,
Just wanted to say a big thank you for your amazing reading. It is a brilliant feeling to know where i am heading and i can’t thank you & your guides enough for pointing me in the right direction.

Samantha Jayne is amazingly skilled!!!! The guidance she gives me every time I have a reading is spot on!!! She is down to earth and tells it as it is!! I will definitely continue to work with Samantha!!! She is a true gem!!!! xxx
Bex Cooper

Sam is an amazing Psychic/Trainer and Coach! As soon as I met her I knew I was where I was supposed to be. One on one training I believe that you get the very best and Sam did prove me right. So knowledgeable in so many things and inspiring! Her coaching is not like any other I’ve had, and I feel like it was the best for me.
Looking forward to my reading and continuing my journey with you……
Thank you Sam
Candice Williams😊

Hi Sam ,
Thanks for the reading 😊 accurate as always.. xx
Kind regards

Sam is always spot on every time she knows exactly what is happening in the here and now and her predictions have been spot on. Sam says it how it is and I always leave with a positive attitude; she is amazing and a lovely lady. Sarah

You were spot on yesterday for me. I took note and the appropriate action and it worked you’re amazing xx Elaine😘

Hi Samantha
I am blown away – I have said it so many times before but your accuracy is outstanding! Your gift is so special, and you provide such insight and peace with every reading. Honestly Sam, you are my compass! you don’t tell us which way to go but you give support to enable us to make our decisions. You guide and then shine a light to our way home. Thank you so much for being you. LH

I hope you had a really lovely birthday and can I please just say; thank you so much for your quick insight reading. It has really helped me to be more positive again, to have faith in myself and the universe and a reminder to keep trying and looking forwards. Thank you for always being amazing.
Take care, Claire x

Thank you so much for your weekly energy report. I always say it is much more reliable than the weather report!!
Kind regards
Louisa xx

As always this reading is 100% accurate. I know I have said all this before but I will say it again, every reading you have given me over the past 13 years has been so accurate, so special and has always provided advice and comfort. You have pinpointed areas in my life that no one could have known of and given me the joy of communication with my Dad – a precious and priceless gift.
Your insight gave me the reassurance as to the path I need to take, additionally – it gave me insight into my own dealings with those close to me and reminded me that its not always me that needs to “make allowances”!
In searching for resolution in this situation, my intuition had already guided me towards some of the answers – but you gave (for me) the ultimate answer -the one I kept pushing away feeling I was being too harsh on people – however, you are right I was questioning is it me? – knowing deep down this had only occurred because I was not prepared to “roll over” yet again.
You see clearly the problems that are key and have highlighted the areas that I need to concentrate on. I was getting “bogged down” with too much thought and need to see in black and white.
Thank you so so so so much for showing me the clearer path. I was doubting myself, doubting my inner voice. Mutual friends are trying to persuade me that I should make the peace. You have allowed me to believe what I knew was true – its time to walk away and move on.
you see so clearly the full picture and you enable me see it too! I am, as ever, so grateful to know you and to be able to receive such blessed guidance. You are a true ambassador for spirit! Thank the universe for your gift
You truly are the most gifted Psychic and it is so lovely having you in my world
Laura xx

I went to see Samantha Jayne after recently loosing my father and I was desperate for him to come through, Samantha was unaware of any reasons for me to be there and I cannot express how much comfort she has given me from my visit! There is no possible way that she could of known any of what was said.
I will be forever grateful for the answers Samantha Jayne gave me x Samantha P

Your amazing
I’ve known you for nearly 3 years now not only are you my teacher my healer my saviour I consider you a good friend.
Your like my guardian angel you always bring me back into the now when I feel like I’m spiralling back on my downward path. You kindly kick my ass when needed
You always make me feel calm and safe and protected.
Don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have you around.
Thank you again for everything

This was my first medium session and it has helped me tremendously. Samantha was lovely and obviously very talented. Questions were answered and I left feeling so much calmer. Ann

Just talking this opportunity to say a huge thank you for just being you. You have, without doubt, been my rock and my light on many occasions and your wise words have been the mainstay of why I kept believing and forging a path forwards. Honoured and blessed to know you . Have a truly wonderful 2019 Laura xxx

I have received a reading from Sam, in relation to my marriage and she was so spot on it was unbelievable. She confirmed everything I thought but was afraid to ask. I have also had a reiki healing under these powerful hands of Sam, I cam away feeling relaxed, whole and I slept so well it was fantastic. Thank you Sam I will recommend you to friends and family xx Helen

A truly gifted Psychic, her individual readings and platforms are spot on. Her training courses are amazing. I have just complete Reiki Level One and Two which I would thoroughly recommend. She also runs fabulous follow up workshops which are also enlightening. I love it. Thanks Sam. x Jan..

I look at the Angel cards every day. I carry the message with me through the day as guidance on how to be the best me. I love it. Thanks Sam x Sophy

I have been to Sam for reiki and mediumship appointments. After losing my daughter I was struggling with grief. Sam’s Reiki was magical, incredibly healing and a huge comfort, I did this once a month for the first six months of losing her ad I truly believe it’s helped me find my new normal quicker. x Ceri

I enlisted the help of Samantha Jayne to present to a group of 40+ PA’s this summer.

Her level of professionalism along with her ability to “keep it real” far out ways other female presenters I have seen in the past 5 years.
Samantha Jayne is a realist, she doesn’t sugar coat and give you the “corporate line”, she talks from her own personal life experience which is why the audience was mesmerised!
The feedback from this event and indeed others that I have hosted with Samantha Jayne being the presenter has always been positive with the audience left not only feeling empowered but most definitely wanting more!!
I would highly recommend Samantha Jayne to anyone looking for a guest speaker / presenter . She is interesting, relevant and actually does have real experience unlike others in the circuit.
Charlie Metcalfe
Director of Sales – Alexandra House

You are an amazing trusted gifted lady Samantha. Hit the nail on the head with everything and encouraged me to stick to my beliefs. Suzanna

You’ve made me see things are and will be ok and I thank you for that. Sam I was a wreck when I saw you but now I see there is light ahead and I feel more positive about life than I’ve done in a long time. Patsy

Thank you so much for my reading – how accurate you are that I have to be doing something I love. Such a true reflection of what is going on for me right now. Best wishes J

Just wanted to thank you Sam so much for my reading. It has helped me so much and has given me a huge push and kick up the bum. Life is too short to bumble along so going to take the bull by the horns and go for it. x Sarah

Sam is amazing and very accurate! Jean Spiers

Sam is always right, love what you do for women. x Heidi
Thank you millions ❤️Your rock my world

Thanks so much for earlier Sam, such an amazing feeling working your magic :)…had a white feather float down by my feet as I out Xx.. John

Sam is amazing . she is spot on for me, good or bad news . Thank you !! Kathy B

Amazing treatment today with Sam, would highly recommend the Indian head massage! top notch service. Chris M
I would definitely recommend Samantha to everyone! Loreta

Dear Samantha,
Thank you so much for my year ahead reading. You have picked up on so many things that are happening in my life right now and your insight has confirmed to me that I am on the right path and that decisions that I have made/am making are all moving towards a better future. With all best wishes for 2018. Jo

Hi Samantha. I came to see you for a reiki massage earlier in 2017. You said something to me when we first met, that I will move somewhere with fish, and asked if my husband liked fishing. I said no and as neither of us are interested in fishing I forgot about what you had said. Well, you probably know this(!) but I am now living in Scotland and we own a trout fishery. Everything happened so quickly and unexpectedly just like we were destined to live here. Once I’d moved in, I had this recollection that you’d mentioned about me living somewhere with fish. Well here I am. You are amazing. I never in a million years thought I would be living and will be running a trout fishery. How you knew that is just incredible. you are very talented. I wanted to share this with you just to say, you were absolutely right! Thank you. Happy new year Samantha. xx Karen x

Hello Samantha, I have just emailed you. Yes amazing, you are absolutely 100% bang on with everything. Unbelievably correct. S x
Thank you so much for my healing this morning. I have felt a massive heavy load has been released. Let me now plan my next 9 or so weeks to start the big 9 year plan.
You are so very special to me Sue P x

Samantha gave me an answer on her live post and a few days later it started to pan out just as she said word for word. It took a few days to realise what was happening. But she was so spot on it really is unbelievable. That you so much Ruth R. xx xx

Sam is an amazing reader her tarot readings are very accurate you won’t be disappointed . This lady is the best that I’ve went to . Ann Young X
I am as always, awed and encouraged by the insight given by you Samantha. Your ability to see straight to the heart of any situation and the advice you give, brings clarity, calm and love to our world. Thank you for your sincerity, your patience, your humour and your big heart, In the 11 years that I have known you every reading has been so accurate and so special. I have received the most precious gift of all, knowing without doubt that our loved ones still love us and are there. Your guidance for us whilst in this world helps us be better people thank you – so much. Laura

Dear Samantha
I wanted to thank your for your beautiful, kind and sincere reading. It was so comforting to read, and has helped me to leave anxiety and to stay with gratitude, to have wonder and hope for my unfolding path. I read it often and it gives me hope that all is unfolding as it should be at this time where I feel deep shifts. Thank you for reminding me to remain patient.
Thank you for sharing your light with me. I appreciate it very much from this faraway land.
With love and light

That was amazing. Keep it up your a legend

Hi Sam, just to say a huge thank you for speaking last night. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. Gail, The Rotary Club

Hi Samantha. Just wanted to thank you for the reading regarding my son. It was spot on and more of an insight. I will keep trying to make him better. Thanks again. With kind regards Joanne x
You really are truly talented Sam. U have told me things that only me and spirit would know. Knowing that it really has helped towards getting rid of my anxiety and nerv’s and helped me build my strength back up. I finally had the courage to do the one thing I’ve wanted to do since I was 16. U have given me the reason to fight every day. Words will never ever explain how thankful I am to u. U really are truly talented and amazing . Sara

Samantha you have inspired and empowered so many people including myself. You are a strong amazing woman. I have had the 100% bang on readings you gave me always in my mind throughout the last few years. The last was a bit freaky talking about the spirit portal in my kitchen but always knew there was something in my house. I had a sign in there the other day, a little wheel rolled from no where across the floor when I was upside down brushing my hair. That was my sign the big (little) wheel always turns!! All those in my last group reading gave great feedback. You never knew me before any of my readings and only just joined Facebook and added you so here so there is no way you could have guessed it all. You and many other friends have given me the strength to carry on! Bless you and your family. Emma O’Block

This woman is simply wonderful. Third reading with Samantha and as always, she is direct and to the point, no hesitating or vague statements, just simple straightforward insight into what is going on. Totally trustworthy, warm and approachable. You immediately want to reach out and trust. Love her – you wont find better – Laura

Lovely talking to you…thank you for your insight plenty of food for thought.Take care ! Sugar Ray Scratch DJ

Cannot speak highly enough about Samantha – I sometimes wonder if she taps my life in between readings. Absolutely. Spot. On! A to the Mazing xx Madeleine Lewington

Thank you Sam for such a lovely session today!!! I feel refreshed, healed and reassured that I am on the right path.Thank you for being so good at what you do. xx Dominic Clark

Massive Thank you To Samantha For Stepping At The Last Minute Last Night. We Raised £758 & Had A fantastic Night With Some Amazing Readings. Thank you To All That Came & Helped Make Last Night A Huge Sucess ❤️ Layla Tracey Fenton

Just wanted to say thank you for helping me believe I was going to have a baby, found out on Saturday I’m 6 weeks pregnant, due in February! It really helped having the knowledge it was going to happen! Thank you!! We are so excited, can’t believe it’s finally happened! Honestly though, your help and guidance really was/is appreciated! X Kate S

Hiya Sam just wanted to say thank you so much for today it really helped to unload and you were great 🙂 feel like a weight has been lifted xxx Danny

You told me so much about my Dad that helped me to grieve he is here most days and his song is always near. I never thanked you xx you also said my soul mate was known to me and 3 years later I’m dating my childhood sweetheart. Thank you Jane x

Once again Samantha, within three weeks of my reading I can see the future unraveling. Not that it changes events in my life but holding onto the knowledge that I’m on the right path is such a relief. Thank you xxxx Heidi North

Thank you for my reading. It was spot on! Maureen . X

Thank you so much Samantha, I came to see you for the second time on Friday evening for a Tarot reading. You are so lovely and instantly put me at ease and the guidance you gave me was so spot on. It is really amazing and you are so gifted. You made me feel like I could of been with a friend who knows my life inside out. I highly recommend Samantha. Thank you so much Claire Xxx

Sam your last reading has worked out to the letter I’ve been amazed to watch everything unravel. Thank you so much. It has also made me start to meditate and I feel so much closer to the spirits around me now. Heidi Xxxx
Samantha is true spiritual medium. Her guidance is very strong & accurate. She tunes in to the highest guides in order to shine the light on our spiritual path ahead. She makes you feel like she is speaking to your soul and recognises what we need in order to grow spiritually. I highly recommend a reading with Samantha, it can change your life! Penny J Black (Singer, Songwriter)
I have know Samantha for a number of years and if you are looking for healing, guidance or anything spiritually related, she is the ‘go to girl’. I have received readings from Sam through both Tarot and Mediumship and they have all been totally spot on. I honestly cannot recommend Sam enough, she is a genuinely gifted medium with a heart of gold. Alison James

Thank you very much for today’s reading. It really reconnected me with my souls path and gave me the courage to book my flight and celebrate what’s come to me without fear. Thanks! Carrie
Had a fantastic night at my first ever hunt. Great team of people, friendly and welcoming. Highly recommended experience with this very talented team. Can’t wait for the next one. Robert X
Thank you so much for my reading today! It literally amazes me every time at your incredible gift! It’s why I will always come to you time and time again! Just fantastic and spot on, every time! Camilla Xx
Hi Samantha ! Just want to say a massive thank you for my emailed reading today.a lot of struggles at the moment with family and was doubting myself on actions due to past experiences and I think I knew what I had to do but yet again doubted myself ha ha.
You have an amazing talent and a way of putting people at ease.
The first time I came to see you I was blown away and was again this time! Perfect X Emma
Thank you so much really can’t tell you how much it means to confide in you Dani xx


Into the light are a professional group, with a such a friendly presence to them, instantly making you feel at ease. Samantha’s transfiguration work is incredible, truly communicating with spirits & understanding the underlying story as why they are here. I would recommend into the light to anyone who is interested in the paranormal, whether your a believer or a skeptic, they will not disappoint you! Monica Cox
Hi Samantha just want to thank you so much for the message from my Dad you gave me during your Demonstration of Mediumship . You were spot on . God bless you . Considering you were through in at the deep end you were fab . Thank you Ann A Young xx
Thank you from myself and Gina. Had an amazing Reiki healing session on Friday and Gina felt like a new woman. And on Tuesday we had a very accurate and positive joint reading. Very relaxing, calming environment, amazing positive energy. I would and will recommend Sam to everyone Robert McCloud.
Thanks for such an amazingly accurate reading followed by reiki. I feel so uplifted and positive Emma Pearson

Thank you so much Samantha, you have just put an end to my confusion. Once again you are spot on. The woman you saw would be my mother.
Thanks very much.

Thank you Sam for all your guidance this last year xxx I wish you and your family the very best 2016 Gerry VT

Thank you Sam for these messages everyday,they truly help us all to keep positive on this road we call life. After a challenging year myself,with lots of good things but tons of bad,your guidance has kept me focused that is for sure. Krys W

Thank you Sam for all the love and guidance you have given me the support kept me going knowing 2016 is my year have a great new year you and your family looking forward to my 2016 guidance already you are loved xx Julie M

Thank u Sam and Happy New Year. Your messages have helped me understand myself more this year and given me positivity and strength. You are amazing. Lots of love to you and your family xx Lisa BS

Happy New Year Sam! Thanks so much for all of my readings! So accurate- what a gift you have! I’m sure I’ll be coming to you for more readings in the future. I have a real sense of excitement for 2016! It’s a feeling I haven’t felt for an extremely long time! Wishing you health, happiness, love and peace for 2016 xxxx Hannah B

Thank you so much Sam for all what you do, it makes my life so much more understandable and easier heart emoticon there is not even to find the right words to thank you for that heart emoticon you are an amazing soul and for me also my personal angel here on earth Cathy.
A year ago I had the privilege of being invited to sit in circle with Samantha and a number of other people who where on their spiritual journey under her guidance. After sitting a short time in meditation Samantha went into trance and what happened next has stayed with me to this day. Not only did I hear my Grandmother’s voice emminating from Samantha but a mist formed in front of her and my Grandmothers face appeared and she spoke to me directly ! To say I was shocked is an understatement I sat in awe with tears running down my face, not only did I see and hear but the love that I felt in that room was palpable my only regret was that I could not speak I was so blown away.Samantha has a connection to spirit I have not seen or heard before or since.Sheila J Clarke

I first met Sam about 5 years ago, my friends had told me about this amazing psychic who could do transfiguration and they explained to me what it was, as I had never heard of it before, so on the way to a paranormal event, I was partly intrigued and partly thinking, are they for real???? At the event, we all sat in a circle and Sam started doing what she did best, I was sat two chairs away from her, on the edge of my seat waiting to disprove my friends wrong, what happened next shocked and amazed me to my core. In front of my face, Sam’s whole demeanor change, from a Victorian lady, to a horrible goblin who stared at us all and changed into a lady with earrings, it was fantastic. Since this experience, I have seen Sam for guidance on many occasions and she has always been informative, thorough and life changing in great ways. With Sam she is kind and very generous and always passionate with her work, time and energy. She is the real deal and I will continue to see her in the future. Thank you Sam for all you have done and achieved.
With thanks Luisa Chater.

I have watched Samantha going into transfiguration and I was scared at first as I didn’t know what to expect … I saw her face change as if she had a stroke on one side and it turned into an old lady .. It was very odd to see and I got a close up look aswell.. Samantha’s eyes where closed through out and she was moving her head from side to side and you could see her eyes looking at you even though her eyes were closed shut.. It was amazing to see her do this and I would love to see it again .Lydia bell
I have gone to Samantha a few times over the last 7 years, for tarot readings. Some people may think its foolish or even a con, but one thing Samantha is most certainly not is a con. From the very first reading I was amazed at Samantha’s gift, she didn’t know me at all but shared things of my life only I knew. I find comfort in her words and I can honestly say a few years back she opened my eyes to a situation I was in that I wasn’t even aware of! But her words brought me clarity and I saw things for what they were even if it meant a hard time! So thank you for then…. And thank you for now…back in June you told me to let the good times in, to not be afraid, that good things were coming my way. I got engaged the next month!! You also told me in last month that more good times were ahead of me and you gave me a specify time frame for them to come in and again you were right! Its happening! Thank you for sharing your gift with the World! Blessings.. Andie x
‘Hi Sam. I just wanted to say that your last monthly tarot scope for me was so accurate and caring. It really touched me. You were so right about lifting my head higher than I’ve ever held it before, and I listened to you despite it being incredibly hard. I had faith and kept my thoughts positive. It worked! Today I got the most perfect job! Divine timing is impeccable! I’m so happy! This is the victory you talked about! I have the most perfect job and I’m extremely happy & relieved. Thank you for guiding me, much love Hannah xxxx
Thank you for today. It has left me inspired, enthused and full of energy. Lots of love, F xx
Was a fabulous night thank you cannot wait for the next one xx Monica
It has been my pleasure to watch and witnesses this amazing lady deliver message to people I would not say this lightly Samantha is the real deal. Mark
You are a very special and gifted lady I was reading some of the testimonials and they are incredible what an amazing feeling that’s must feel to of helped so many people in so many ways you should be proud. .well done and only in such a short amount of time I know but you have no idea how much you have helped and already made such a difference to me and my situation
Thanku ❤x Kerrie
Samantha did a reading on me without knowing me and got it spot on. Awesome. Go see her and book. Your find out. Peter
Would like to say a big thank you from me Denrah S-Nicholson & Jade Nicholson was really emotional few times and also funny making contact with loved ones Samantha u done it again highly recommended xx

Would like to say a big thankyou samantha well reccommended has answered alot of my questions x Michelle

Would like to give Samantha a massive thank you for the time she gave me today. It has made me move forward in my life with the help of a swift kick up the backside from my nan. A Lot of fears and questions answered . truely amazing talented woman. Highly recommended. Thank u again. Onwards and upwards for me. Xxxxxxx Sarah

thanks for the amazing reading again!!!!! I feel so much better again and things are so clear now for me, I love your readings, those are real healing for me bless you !!! Cathy

Absolutely overwhelmed by tonight’s mediumship with yourself- huge thanks- can’t stop smiling Sharon
Thank you for an amazing reading not only was you totally accurate with my past. The guidence from yourself through spirit has been noted! lol
Kind regards
Gill xxx
Hi Sam thank you for your guidence and true readings really always spot on with the monthly tarotscope as always and my readings you make me feel so much better you truly have a wonderful gift and for sure your helping me have a lovely day great lady xx Julie
Thank you for my monthly tarotscope Samantha always spot on want to say how amazing your gift really is julie xx
Just have to say what an amazing lady you are! Ive had such a long journey with my partner trying for a baby and you said to me in February I think that I had good times to come and even something to celebrate in April…well you were correct because I am now 9 weeks pregnant and found out in April! You have such an amazing talent and I can’t thank you enough for giving me hope because I had ran out of it xx Emma
I just want to say how amazing your gift really is, spot on every time. I’m not even in the country and you’ve put my mind at rest completely just with a few messages. Samantha you are an amazing lady and you have helped me so much. Thank you x Kristylee
Your assessment of the situation was dead on…thank you so much for the reading, I am going to take your advice, and enroll in the master’s program that I am looking at for late spring/summer. God bless you JoNell
I just wanted to share that you are truly an amazing person thank you so much for what you have done for me…… im so amazed how a perfect stranger from across the world can know so much about my life…… your amazing with a beautiful spirit……. thank you again! Destiny.
You are just incredible!!! Your gift is truly phenomenal! Thank you, just what I needed! Camilla x

Would like to say huge massive thank you to Samantha for this morning…… You truly are one gifted lady . Maddie x x x x

Gosh, how spot on! I have only just passed my first year anniversary of my divorce, and it has been quite a tough 12 months as you said.So plenty of food for thought from your reading. Thanks so much for sending it over. Kind regards,N.

well that is very fitting for me ATM. Sam it freaks me out (in a really nice way) that your angel readings are so spot on with what I’m thinking/ happening to me!!! A massive thank you as it’s a fab way to start the day when life is full of confusion. Feeling blessed to know you Jenny xxxx

Thanks for today feel like I’m going in the right direction now you were very helpful thank you. Craig x

Once again, Sam, you hit the nail on the head. I need to let go of my need to control the things that go on around me. Elaine x

Thank you for your lovely work you’re a talented lady. Your daily messages keep me on track and channel my prayers and thanks to help me maximise the help of my angels I’ve noticed a huge difference since I’ve known about your page on facebook. Rebecca x
I had the most fantastic Tarot reading from Sam. She was very accurate and helped strength my direction in my life and career. I found my reading with her enjoyable, fun and informative. I wasn’t sure what to expect but Sam put me instantly at my ease. From the information that came out in the session I have altered some of the things I do which is now bearing fruit. I would highly recommend seeing Sam for a reading and I have also heard many wonderful things from lots of other people who have seen her for readings and also her other work. These readings are incredibly beneficial. Thank you, Sam . Paul Goddard
On one of your “freebie” tarot readings on facebook at beginning of April I asked if you could read for me about work.. Here was your reading and at the time I understood a little of the message but now I can tell you that I fully get it and you were spot on with timing and the words. THANK YOU X Andie DC
Thanks Samantha. Accurate as always. Hope all is well with the house move and I will request a reading again from you soon.Have a nice weekend and thanks again. Deirdre xx

Thank you so much Samantha.
I really appreciate it. You are blessed with an incredible gift. Much love, Hannah xxxx

I can only say your words and readings have helped me through a lot for the last 4 years and I wanted to thank you for helping me with your gift.x Andie
I had an amazing reading with Samantha. She is so good, absolutely spot on, as though she dipped into my head and knew exactly what i was thinking! Very reassuring and straight forward. Highly recommended! Fiona Fi Da Silva-Adams
I visited Samantha today for the first time and I felt immediately calm and restful and that was before my session! Samantha has a beautiful and caring approach to her work and I can thoroughly recommend her. Moira Goddard
Thankyou for last nights readings Sam, everyone was very pleased and we really enjoyed it. It was lovely to meet you. Bernice Mack.
Thank you Sam! That was amazing. I am definately going to use my ribbons. That must be why I have always been drawn to them! xx Alison Cuss.
I’ve had many readings over the years but none as accurate and, excuse the phrase, ass kicking as the one with Sam.. It’s had a very profound effect on me to which I can never thank her enough. An amazing lady
Tracy Fowler
Thank you for a fab workshop, I really really enjoyed it!! You are a great teacher and really inspirational. I left feeling really empowered xx
Thank you so much, fantastic reading and so lovely to meet you! Really appreciate you coming to us!!! xxxxxxxxxx
Dear Samantha thankyou so much for the psychic workshop today it was a wonderful feeling when I had meditation and came round felt like I did when I had gas and air when giving birth it makes you feel so floaty many thanks lisa minnear

You said things will change quickly for me this morning and when i left i didn’t even get as far as the crossroads before getting a phone call offering me a job and asking me to go in asap..!! Jacqui Cooper
Pauline Priday Samantha may I just say PLEASE continue with these angels card readings every day……first thing I do now of a morning is go through fb news feeds and look for what today holds and your words of wisdom…….just gives me a boost to start the day xxx
I’m so sorry not to have thanked you properly for the reading u did for me. As predicted I have been busy with my new venture, thank u so much it has given me the boost and leapt of faith that I needed.Love & light xxx

Thank you Samantha,I have been digesting this reading; it is all there. You truly are gifted. Words can’t really express how much I have needed these readings right now and how grateful I am; thank you xxx.

Hi Samantha, just wanted to say Thank you for the reading today. As usual you were spot on, but I didn’t expect anything less.



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